A Special Evening with Illuminations Healing Arts Center


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A Special evening with Illuminations Healing Arts Center

Join us for an inspiring program of self-discovery. Experience an oracle card, tarot card, or crystal stone reading to gain insight about yourself and receive advice about your life path. There will be one-on-one time with a practitioner in addition to a question and answer session on chakras, pendulum work, and essential oils!

Register for one of the following:

Tarot Card Reading

This ancient form of divination helps us to connect with the messages and guidance Spirit wants to communicate. What comes through is always shared from the vibration of what is going to serve your highest and best good. If you are looking for a bit of direction on your path, Spirit can help provide some clarity through the cards. Register for this session.

Oracle Card Reading

Another ancient form of divination is oracle card readings. These focus on the positive and inspirational options open to you in your life, but which you might not be aware. The cards relay what you need to know about a situation or guidance in moving forward. Be awakened to the positive aspects in your life and learn how to move forward. Register for this session.

Crystal/Stone Reading

Another way of receiving guidance is through minerals. Each crystal has a different vibrational pattern and meaning behind it. The way stones resonate with you will help you learn about yourself and get clarity about what’s going on in your life, along with energy to help deal with it. Register for this session.